Sunday, 27 November 2011

Our Fabulous, Excellent, Amazing, Learning-filled Week

  I am truly inspired and delighted with the learning that occurred in room 205 this week, well OK, it happened in the hall, on the stairs, and Mrs. Reiter's room but I'm not going to get technical. The best part of all, EVERYONE was having fun while they learned!!!
  On Thursday we all used a device or a white board to record our thinking and learning while we watched a video on Canada. Our goal was to record all the Canadian symbols that we saw and to discuss and record Canadiana that aren't considered official symbols but we thought we very important to Canada. Our term for this type of activity is a back channel. We use them in my course work for students to talk about the presentation while the presenter is presenting! Our preferred back channel is Twitter, so I've improvised. I have included several photos of  everyone using their device, however, the DS and Ipod Touch didn't turn out that well but I thought they were important. I have also included a few student reflections about this activity which I found very powerful!

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