Thursday, 23 February 2012


We began our learning with a discussion on the strategies that we use to help us understand what we  read. Things like re-reading, slowing our pace, and using the text features. When then applied those strategies to help us understand and remember what we are watching in a video. We discussed how note taking and list making are fabulous strategies for helping our brain remember things. The writing was like the glue to hold ideas and facts in our brain. I let students know that I would be pausing the video so that they would have time to write their notes on what they had heard and seen in the video. It was like rereading and slowing our pace. Here is our photo story of our learning.

iPad2's and iPod Touches were a popular choice!

 Nintendo DS pictochat was used by several students.

 Brief discussions were held while the video was paused to encourage discussion and to discuss main idea. Students chose to record these ideas or to leave them out based on their prior knowledge and/or felt importance.

After watching the video, students refined their notes by writing down the 5 facts that they thought were most important to their learning.
 Some of the devices allowed students to add drawings as a visual cue!
 We had low tech options available in case of battery failure or technical difficulties!

All of the students had complete ownership of their writing/learning and were engaged 100% of the time!

This was our second successful BYOD day!

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  1. BYOD day was alot of fun!!!!!!!!!