Sunday, 1 April 2012

A"Wonder"filled week and our first Skype session!

Our first week back after Spring Break was absolutely WONDERFUL. We began writing and recording in our Wonder Journals. First we used the Wonderopolis widget on our blog to lead us to daily wonders. We investigated the Wonder of the Day, predicted tomorrow's Wonder, chose 2 words to record in the Wonder Words section of our Wonder Journals and then made comments to Wonderopolis about the daily wonder. See our comments here and here .

   We had our first ever Skype call with new grade two friends from Phoenix, Arizona. We worked hard to prepare our answers for their questions. Several students worked together to answer questions about Surrey, oceans, mountains, our celebrations and some of our cultural wear.
Waiting patiently for our computer to ring!

Mikayla R. and Mehar are our moderators.

They answer some of the students questions.

Phoenix students ask us about our geography and lifestyle.

Mikayla R. and Mehar answer questions about our houses, school and city.

Many listen while Vickie and Navleen record questions on our iPads.

Kiran and Keerit explain about when and why they wear their suits.

Devin and Mushkale explain their suits.

We say good bye and begin brainstorming  the questions
that we want to ask Phoenix next week.

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