Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Thursday Night Schedule

7:45pm- Arrive at GT with bags.

7:50pm- Attendance

7:59pm- Say good-bye

8:00pm- Leave for Aquarium

9:00pm- Arrive at Aquarium

9:05pm- Introductions

9:30pm- First Workshop

10:30pm-12:00am- Workshops

12:15am- Collect bags and head down to the Belugas to set up camp

12:45am- Lights out

1:00am- Sleepy time

7:00am- Wake up and clean up

7:30am- Breakfast

8:00am- Free time in groups with parents

9:00am- Board the bus for GT

10:00am- Arrive at GT-Parents must pick up-go home to sleep

1 comment:

  1. It was soo!!much fun!!.Mrs.t what was your fav part?Mine was the wetlab.