Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An Amazingly "Wonder"ful Mystery Skype Call!

A "Wonder"ful Skype Mystery Call! on PhotoPeach

     Today we used Skype, the iPod Touches and Google Earth to help us to find out where our Mystery Caller was calling from. Students asked questions to discover which continent, hemisphere, and country our caller was calling from. Our Mystery Caller was Mrs. Phillips, who is a 2nd grade teacher from Hamilton Ohio! She also has another job........... a Wonderopolis leader, her name is WonderPhillips. Mrs. Phillips answered many of our inquiry questions about Wonderopolis like: How do they choose the Wonders?, Who chooses the Wonders?, and, Who thoughtfully answers all of our comments on Wonderopolis? Our most burning question was, Where is Wonderopolis?, will remain a mystery because Mrs. Phillips mentioned that Wonderopolis's location is top secret!

     We were very excited to hear that Wonderopolis will have a BIG announcement next week......and so we wait to discover what is next for Wonderopolis.

     Keep checking the blog to see if the Wonderopolis widget has information about the announcement.

     Have you ever wondered where Wonderopolis is?


  1. Mrs. Thiessen I think it is so cool that your class Skyped with Mrs. Phillips from Wonderopolis. Now you have me wondering about what their special announcement is going to be. I'll be sure to keep checking our widget too.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it was an exciting day!
      Mrs. T an her grade 3's

  2. We think it is WONDERful that you guys communicated with Mrs. Phillips in such a SUPER FUN way! Thank you for always WONDERing about the world around guys ROCK! :-)

  3. Wonderful video...Thanks for sharing