Friday, 13 July 2012

A "Wonder" Filled Google Hang Out!

Ok, now I can share my secret! The fabulous folks at Wonderopolis invited me to join a Wonder Hang Out! We all connect through Google Hang Out and learned how to make ice cream with Jenny, from Jenny's Ice Cream. I couldn't believe it, I was so honoured to be asked! I was the only Canadian in the group, amazing!Check it out.....

Mrs.T's Wonderful Ice Cream Hang Out!


  1. I didn't hear her propraly how to put the Chocalate Chips in.Can you please tell me Mrs.T?

    P.S Have you been having a good time?Did you go anywhere?Are you going anywhere?

    1. Hi Mushkale
      I have been hanging around home for the past 2 weeks, but I am heading on a bit of road trip with Mr. T on Monday. We are heading to Bellevue, then heading east to Idaho and then up north to Osoyoos and finally Kamloops to pick Maddy up!
      I had so much fun, learning to make ice cream today! Did you recognize Mrs. Phillips from our Mystery Skype call? I believe you melt the chocolate and then slowly add it a bit at a time while you are swirling the mixture in an ice cream machine. Then you let it freeze!
      Do you have an ice cream maker?
      Have you gone anywhere?
      Mrs. T

    2. Yes Mrs.T I might go to to Calgry next week.And no I do not have an ice cream maker my cosin wanted to know.