Sunday, 3 February 2013

3 Skype calls and a raffle proposal!

We have had another crazy busy week in room 205! Students have been building their geography skills through our Mystery Skype calls. This week we "found" Tatyana, a teacher in Moscow, Russia. Tatyana used the camera on her laptop to show us the lights of Moscow from her 17th floor apartment. Last week we were lucky enough to "find" Mr. Marx, who lives in north central Germany. He teaches Math and Science to middle schoolers and was kind enough to share a slide presentation about his school and introduce us to his daughter. On Wednesday, last week, we were thrilled to meet with Mrs. Stadler from Cape Town, South Africa. Mrs. Stadler created the Travelling Rhino Project with the students in her school. We prepared for her call by creating lists of questions that we wanted to ask. Mrs. Stadler was very graciously answered all of our questions. We shared our interest in helping the Rhino project by fundraising, and she was touched by our enthusiasm and passion. We will be posting our transcript of the call soon so please keep checking back.

Meet Mr. Marx
Trying to locate Mr. Marx within Germany
Mr. Marx and his daughter

The school where Mr. Marx teaches

Ms. Tatyana Chernaya from Moscow, Russia

Working to find Ms. Tatyana Chernaya

Creating questions for Ms. Stadler

Recording questions

An impressive list of questions

Asking our questions

Locating Cape Town, South Africa

Mrs. Stadler

So many questions!

Learning to adapt and compromise on their plan.

Presenting our raffle proposal to Mr. Hilder


  1. It was a nice meeting and a wonderful experience to you and to me, too. I met my colleagues next morning at school and I told them that I was "found" within 4 questions. That has never occured to me before. Well done!!! Greetings to all of you from Germany. Reinhard Marx

  2. I so enjoyed our Skype call. You were all so well prepared! Well done to all of you and to you Mrs T. Thank you so much for supporting and participating in my project. I love the Webkinz rhino - I think I need to try and order one online because we don't get them here in South Africa (although we do get others).
    Thank you for looking after Siyanda so well. He will miss you when he moves on to the next class.
    Regards from Cape Town,
    Mrs S.

  3. Mrs. Stadler,
    If you can't get one, we could order it and send it to you!

    Mrs. T