Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Our first Skype call and an opportunity to explore coding with ScratchJr.

On Monday we connected via Skype to Ms. Moran's class in Fort McMurray. They are a Classroom Champs class and their athlete mentor is also Ryan Cochrane! We learned about the climate in their province and discovered what we had in common and what was different!
All the students were engaged and polite during the conversation!

Ursh and Prableen were very brave and asked one of their questions!

Everyone showed great audience behaviour, I was so proud!

On Tuesday we had an opportunity to explore an iPad app- ScratchJr. ScratchJr is an app that introduces children to computer coding. Everyone had a ton of fun and practised problem solving, mentoring and critical thinking skills.

Have you had a chance to Skype with another class this year or try Scratch Jr.?


  1. Hi Mrs. Theissen's class, I love that you spoke with Ms Morgan's class in Texas and that you are using ScratchJr for coding on the iPad. I'll be curious if you'll make any interactive stories or games with ScratchJr. It's funny how I read this post this evening because my class will be coding tomorrow at school. A few of my students have looked at Scratch Jr already but all will be new to coding with Ana and Elsa from Frozen. What types of things did you program? From Ms. Lirenman a grade one/two teacher about 25 blocks down the road from you. :-)

  2. We're starting ScratchJr. after the holidays (US). Maybe we could Skype about it once we get going.

    1. We would love to connect with you. We are getting prepared for Hour of Code in December!